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Video 1: Covers why it's a massive mistake for business owners to try to do all the lead generation themselves

Video 2: Covers why most business owners make the mistake of not actually having a way to capture leads online

Video 3: Covers why it's a major mistake to not know the lifetime customer value for each of your customers

Video 4: Covers why one of the most common mistakes is not knowing where their leads actually come from

Video 5: Covers how not actually focusing on generating leads online is a key mistake small business owners make

Video 6: Covers how a major mistake business owners make is buying their leads from unreliable sources

Video 7: Covers why not understanding the different stages of lead generation can cost your business in a big way

Video 8: Covers why not qualifying leads enough initially is a major mistake business owners make

Video 9: Covers why keeping in touch with your leads is a crucial aspect to converting more leads into buyers

Video 10: Covers why a lot of business owners make the mistake of not identifying who their target audience is

Video 11: Is an animation video you can use to promote your services

Video 12: Is another promotional video you can use in your marketing

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