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Resell Our Lead Generation Services, and Provide Your High-Paying Offline Clients With Massive Value! 

Solve a massive problem for your clients without doing a thing!

What's The Main Thing Your Clients Want?

Talk to any of your clients, and ask them what they really want when they hire you, and it all comes down to one thing...


They might say they want social media, or a website, or SEO, but ultimately what they want is more leads, more customers, and more business!

The More Results You Can Get For Your Clients, The More They Will Pay You For Your Services!

But The Problem Is, Are You Able To Consistently Generate Results?

  • Can you generate a certain amount of leads from their newly designed website?
  • Can you generate calls from targeted people for your clients from their social media pages?
  • Can you get people to contact them after seeing their page high up on the search engine rankings?
  • Can you say to your clients that you WILL generate a certain amount of targeted leads every month for them?

You might spend a lot of time managing various parts of their online presence, but the greatest value you can provide is generating real, targeted, interested leads for their business!

So Why Not Just Outsource Lead Generation To Us?

That's Right, Resell Our Lead Generation Services To Your Clients and Make Massive Profits Now!

That's right!

Sell lead generation services to your clients, and then just outsource the work to us!

You look like a superstar to your clients, your clients are thrilled with getting targeted leads on a consistent basis, and they won't know a thing about the fact that we did all the work for you!

This is an amazing opportunity for you to deliver real, consistent, high-quality results to your high-paying clients!

Here's How It Works!

  • Order Our Trial Package

    Order our trial package of 10 leads for your clients as a standalone service or integrate it with your other services.

  • We Get To Work

    We start generating leads for your client! Everything is whitelabelled so your clients won’t even know we exist, and you look like a star.

  • Order A Full Campaign

    Once we’ve completed the trial, we will get back to you with how many leads we can generate each month and the pricing for full packages (25-100 leads)

Yes, It's That Easy To Resell Our Done-For-You Lead Generation Services, and Look Like An Absolute Superstar To Your Clients!

Here Is Our Trial Package!

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What Kind Of Leads Are These?

All of the leads we generate for your clients will be live calls.


All of the calls we generate for your clients will be from people who see our marketing, or are actively searching for a business in your client's niche and city. They then call our tracking number, which automatically forwards the call to your client's phone. 


So your client will be speaking to the lead right in the moment when they are actually looking for a business in that niche, in that city.

Here's How The Process Will Work!

  • 1

    You Make A Sale

    Decide if you want to sell our services in a standalone way, or as a package with your other services

  • 2

    Order Our Trial Package

    Once you get a sale, just order our trial package on this page to get started

  • 3

    Send Us The Details

    Then send us details about your client, like the niche, the city to target, their phone number, etc...

  • 4

    We Get To Work

    Then we start developing your client's campaign; doing PPC, social media, classified ads, and other marketing

  • 5

    We Give You The Tracking Number

    We setup a tracking number, with a generic or custom whisper, so your client knows the call was generated from you

  • 6

    We Generate Leads

    We will continue generating leads until the number of calls is reached per month

  • 7

    We Send You A Report

    Once all the leads have been delivered, we send you a whitelabel report with all the calls, and you can rebrand this the way you want

  • 8

    We Do It Again!

    If you and your client are happy with the trial, then we can then start on generating a new batch of leads again for your client

These Leads Are Ideal For High Ticket Niches Like:

* Leads in some of these niches sell for anywhere from $40-$100+

  • Attorneys

  • Dentists

  • Chiropractors

  • Plastic Surgeons

  • HVAC

  • Construction

  • Pavers

  • Roofers

  • Commercial Cleaners

  • Mortgage

  • Insurance

  • Day Spas

  • Day Care

  • Rehab Centers

  • Landscaper

  • Assisted Living

  • And many others!

This Is A True Win-Win Opportunity!

You win because you can charge your clients as much as you want per lead. You will only ever pay per lead; not for any additional services. So you set the price, and you keep the difference.


Your clients win because they get a consistent stream of targeted leads every month, and think you are an absolute superstar for generating the leads for them!

So Get Started Reselling Our Lead Generation Services Now!

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We look forward to working with you soon!


To Your Incredible Success!