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Brand New Local Consultant Kit Gives You The Authority and Credibility To Land High-Paying Offline Clients For Your Local Consulting Business!

Small businesses in your area will happily pay you $1000s
after you use these premium quality resources!

This Is The Perfect Time For You To Get In!

Small businesses are expected to spend almost $200 billion on internet marketing this year, and that's going to keep growing over the next few years!

Which means this is the perfect time for you to start running your own profitable business by providing online marketing services to local businesses!

People Are Making 6, 7, Even 8 Figures By Simply Providing
Online Marketing Services To Offline Businesses!

And you could be as well!

You get paid to provide simple services to local businesses that desperately need your help.

They know they need to get their businesses online, but they've got no idea how to do it.

They need your help, and they're willing to pay you handsomely for it!

But there's one big problem most people face...


Targeting The Wrong Type Of Clients!

Don't waste your time and energy chasing the wrong type of clients. We're talking about clients who:

  • Don't have the money to pay you what you're worth
  • Always want to micro-manage everything you do
  • Are just a pain in the neck to deal with all the time
  • Make you want to scream at your computer

These are the type of clients that drive people away from providing marketing services to local businesses.

You Need To Target High Quality Clients Instead!

Clients who are happy to give you their money for your services. Clients who:

  • Are able and willing to pay you for your services
  • Understand what they want to achieve online
  • Appreciate the value you provide to them
  • Make it easy for you to get the job done

These are the type of clients that will grow your business and allow you to live the life you truly desire.

And To Attract High Paying Clients, You Need To...

  • Educate prospects on your services

    Make sure they know exactly what you offer and how it can benefit them

  • Establish authority and credibility

    They need to see that you know what you’re doing and you can get it done

  • Build rapport with prospects

    You need to make sure they know you are there to help their business

  • Build trust and credibility

    They need to know, like, and trust you before they will pay you

  • Clearly explain your solutions

    Make sure they know exactly how your services are going to help them

  • Move them closer to taking action

    Get them into the frame of mind where they want to give you money

But How Can You Easily Do This?



Real Estate Infographics Pack

This is a brand new, powerful set of marketing tools and resources that let's you easily, and effectively, target real estate agents and help them with their marketing services..

You're getting the tools and resources that will educate them for you, while building rapport with them.

It's also going to present you as the expert in your local area, and allow you to build trust and credibility with your prospects!

You can literally download this package in the next few minutes, and start promoting your services in the next few hours!

It's As Simple As:

  • Download

    Simply download these resources in the next few minutes and customize them with your contact details

  • Contact

    Contact potential clients in your area and show them how you can help them get more clients online

  • Get Paid

    Impress and educate your clients with these premium resources, and get paid over and over again

So let's take a look at what's inside this incredible package!


Resource #1:

10 Professionally-Created Infographics

You get 10 professionally crafted infographics that you can sell to real estate agents immediately.


Your clients can take these designs and upload it to their website, share it on social media, or even print it out for their office.


They come in JPG format and are the perfect length and style that will keep viewers engaged and ready to take action.


Here are some examples of the designs:

Resource #2:

10 Infographics Photoshop Source Files

Maybe you want to change the font, or the colors, or anything else with these infographics. Or maybe you want to brand them with your URL and logo.


Now you can with these editable Photoshop source files!


All you do is open the file you want to edit with GIMP or Photoshop, and make the changes you want. Then just save it again and you're good to go.


Resource #3:

All Stats and Quotes in Text Format

Whether you want to use the quotes in text format on social media or anywhere else, you can do that as well.


We've providing you with every single one of the stats and quotes used in the infographics in text format in an easy-to-read spreadsheet, as well as in Word.


Share them on social media, use them in content, or even within emails.

You're Getting Everything You Need To Promote Your Marketing Services And Attract High-Paying Clients Right Now!

You can literally download these resources in the next few minutes, go and target prospects in your area (you can seriously just send them emails with the cold email templates we offer you), and have your first clients within the next couple of hours.

Seriously, just upload the video and the lead generation pages onto your site, and start getting more high-paying clients for your services.


Buy Now And You'll Also Get
These Incredible Bonuses!

We are firm believers in providing more value to more people, so we're also going to provide you with these important bonuses as part of this Local Consultant Kit.

Bonus 1: How To Edit Your Graphics



You don't need to be a graphics expert to edit these resources.

We've already done most of the work for you, so all you need to do is enter your contact details, and we show you exactly how to do that with Photoshop, and a free alternative to Photoshop in case you don't have it.

We also show you where you can find professional designers to edit your resources for you at a very reasonable price.

This Is A Massive Package That Will Save You
A Huge Amount Of Money And Time!

Think about it...

If you tried to create all these different elements yourself, how many weeks, or months would it take?

On the other hand, if you're not remotely a designer-type, you'd hire a designer to get it all done for you, but that's a huge cost as well.

This entire package has been created in-house by my designers, and content creators, and they are all pros at what they do.

That means you're saving a huge amount of money compared to if you hired people to do this for you.

Let's face it, a high quality infographic by itself would run you anywhere from $100-500+.

It'd be a massive cost for you, and wouldn't leave much for profits when you land your clients.

It's Also Going To Make You A Bunch Of Money As Well!

On the other hand, instead of taking weeks to target your ideal clients, or spending $1000s before you even get paid, you can download these resources right now, and start landing the right type of clients within the next few hours!

You can literally have your first payment by the end of the day!

And you're getting this pack at a massive discount compared to what it would cost you to do yourself!

You're getting over $1000+ in value, for the price of a decent meal out.

I'm sure you'd agree, that making a small investment in your business with this Local Consultant Kit, would allow you to start landing more high-paying, high quality clients!

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[Local Consultant Kits] Real Estate Infographics Pack

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We’ve jammed so much value into this Local Consultant Kit that I know if you plug it into your business you’re going to get new clients on board!

But if you genuinely tried to get new clients with these resources and nothing worked for you at all, then just let me know within 30 days of your purchase, and I’ll send you a full refund.

I want you to get massive value from this, and to also get new clients for your business.

This Is An Absolute No-Brainer That's Going To
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Remember, you're getting over $1000 in massive value for a tiny, tiny investment!

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They need your help right now, and they're willing to pay you $1000s for your services!

And this is your opportunity to get your services in front of them.

So jump on board and get this incredible Local Consultant Kit now!

If you have any questions at all, just contact me here:

To Your Incredible Success,

P.S. All of these resources are ready for you to take and start getting more high-paying clients in your area right now!

This is a massive pack of resources that will help you easily become the authority that local business owners come to for marketing advice and services.

So don't waste another second; the longer you wait, the easier it will be for your competitors to get in before you.

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Get This Incredible Local Consultant Kit Now!

[Local Consultant Kits] Real Estate Infographics Pack